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During a recent project, UWA Library staff looked at "best practice" online Information Literacy learning materials and tutorials from other institutions, including the top 100 world universities.
Overall findings suggest that tertiary institutions generally develop their own learning materials with the majority using a Learning Management System with assessable quizzes; a number of tutorials are on the open web and assessment not graded. Not every library has online tutorials. “An increased number of academic libraries have developed or are developing information literacy search skills online tutorials...” (Cox, 2008). Most libraries that have online tutorials use HTML, CGI scripts, Flash and Java. More and more libraries use specialised e-learning software to create tutorials with animation and multimedia simulations, drop and drag, fill in a response etc. However, very few tutorials are truly interactive. (NJLA Technology Innovation Forum, 4/30/2008).

Some institutions have collaborated with external groups and received funding to develop sophisticated products. For example Galway University of Ireland’s online tutorial was developed by multimedia company Emedia, and funded under the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Strategic Innovation Funding (SIF) programme and includes Innovative use of video and upmarket graphics packages with subtitles. Sydney’s I-Research was developed using Adobe Captivate. Some institutions have produced creative and funny interactive animated learning objects which teach basic concepts like “how to search the internet” “plagiarism” “search right” and are free to download. E.g. Arcadia University.

Here are the ones that made it to the top of the list:

American Library Association PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Database
PRIMO is a means to promote and share peer-reviewed instructional materials created by librarians to teach people about discovering, accessing and evaluating information in networked environments. The Committee hopes that publicizing selective, high quality resources will help librarians to respond to the educational challenges posed by still emerging digital technologies.

Austin Community College Info Game
Content is explained supported by interactive examples. A test is included at the end of each module, no feedback given to answers. Students work at their own pace and can retake tests. Stresses the use of online databases. Tutorial is largely linear – must click through an entire section to get to the end. Interaction with Librarian/peers only encouraged at the beginning.

Baruch College - Beginner's Guide to Research - nice animated tutorials for Business skills.

Cambridge University Research Skills - online powerpoints and great resources (under Creative Commons License). This university is ranked world number 2 - high quality!

Capella University Roadmap to Information Literacy
Good generic content, easy to navigate, good use of multimedia – explains the scholarly research cycle and “big picture” concepts.

Cardiff University Information Literacy Resource Bank
This central repository contains bite-sized information literacy learning resources for Cardiff University staff to integrate into teaching materials as and when required. There is a selection of activities, quizzes, diagrams and cartoons as well as short ready-made self-paced tutorials on a range of essential information literacy topics such as citing references and plagiarism. New resources will continue to be added over time. Your students can use any of the resources from this web site or you can download and seamlessly incorporate them into your own learning materials. Full details on how to embed them into Blackboard modules, PowerPoint and Word are provided. Subject Librarians in INSRV can also suggest ways of integrating the resources into programmes of study. The creation of the Information Literacy Resource Bank was partly funded by an award from the University's Innovative Teaching and Learning Fund in 2005.

Carroll Community College Library Tutorials - Use of video and a quiz.

Charles Darwin University Researching Skills
An interactive tutorial designed to give you skills to find materials (books, journal articles, websites, etc) effectively and efficiently using the library’s information resources and the Internet. You will not only learn how to develop search strategies but also to evaluate the information you find. The tutorial is based on the Information Literacy guidelines produced by the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL).

Charles Sturt University Information Literacy tutorials

Colorado State University Online Tutorials - Nice animations which are freely downloadable as Flash files.

Common Craft
Great instructional videos - "In plain English"

Cornell University Library

Curtin University of Technology Online Tutorials - New!

IFLA Information Literacy Internation Resources Directory The Information Literacy Section of the International Federation of Library Association and Institutions ( IFLA) has created this database to record information literacy materials from different parts of the world, on behalf of UNESCO. Hundreds of links to resources, tutorials.

Information Literacy Tutorial
Innovative use of video and upmarket graphics package – includes subtitles and technical requirements – was developed by a multimedia company Emedia, and funded under the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Strategic Innovation Funding (SIF) programme. Three libraries NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Cork participated.

Intute Consortium Virtual Training Suite
Internet tutorials for university students freely available in the Virtual Training Introducing the Intute: Virtual training Suite (MS Powerpoint).
The following case studies offer ideas and materials from lecturers and librarians which might be adapted for use in your institutions. The case studies include lesson plans, resources (workbooks, handouts and powerpoint presentations) and ideas for class activities. Using the Virtual Training Suite in:
  • a staff development workshop
  • library information skills training
  • teacher training / staff development in ICT
  • courses, building in group work activities
  • embedding in Virtual Learning Environments

LaTrobe University (Melbourne)- Library Skills Online - new suite adapted from OIL.
Information Literacy Policy & Framework

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - "InfoNav" Start Your Research using Libguides, screen capture and voice "video" tutorials. See also List of Video Tutorials

Monash University - Library Tutorials

National University of Singapore - "Lion" - Library Instruction Online.

Net.Tutor - net.TUTOR offers interactive tutorials on basic tools and techniques for becoming an effective Internet researcher. This project is funded by an Academic Enrichment Grant from The Ohio State University.

Queensland University of Technology Pilot: Online Information Literacy Tutorial
This online information literacy tutorial provides undergraduates with the skills and tools to find and manage information effectively. Choose one module to suit your needs or complete all six. Pass the test for your Pilot licence.

San Francisco State University OASIS (Online Advancement of Student Information Skills

Stanford University: Stanford’s Key to Information Literacy (SKIL)
The individual modules of SKIL cover key concepts about research skills and resources, with interactive exercises to reinforce your learning. We highly suggest that you do the modules in order, as each subsequent module builds upon previous knowledge. Plan on about twenty to thirty minutes per module. It is best to complete one module at a time; we strongly advise not to attempt all of the modules at one time.

St. John’s University Information Literacy Tutorial

University of Bristol - Screen and voice tutorials

University of British Colombia - Online Instruction

University of California (Berkeley) - Online Tutorials using Camtasia Studio.

University of California Santa Cruz NetTrain
Covers the research process. For undergraduates and members of the general public.

University of California Los Angeles Bruin Success with Less Stress

UCLA College Library - "Road to Research" - Online tutorials with self assessment quizzes.

University of Calgary Workshop on the Information Search Process for Research in the Library (WISPR)
Developed based on a constructivist pedagogy. Based on Carol Collier Kuhlthau research on the six stages of research:
  • 1. Task initiation
  • 2. Topic selection
  • 3. Prefocus formulation
  • 4. Focus formulation
  • 5. Information collection
  • 6. Search closure
(Hayden, Rutherford, & Pival: 2007)

University College of London (UCL) - online moodle tutorials - information skills. (Click on guest login to view). Ranked 4th top world university.

University of Idaho Information Literacy

University of Kentucky Libraries Research Tool Box

University of Manchester - Information Skills Sessions Blog

University of Melbourne - Online Tutorials - Using Captivate

University of Michigan - "SearchPath" - online learning material using Libguides and a quiz. World University rank 19th.

University of Newcastle InfoSkills: Information Literacy and Academic Integrity Tutorial
This tutorial is the result of the 2004 redevelopment of the then current InfoSkills tutorial. The goal of the redevelopment project was firstly, to embed academic integrity and ethics concepts within the tutorial in line with the recommendations of the Management Action Plan, a response to the St. James Ethics Centre Report. And secondly, to further develop additional content as identified by content mapping against the Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework (2004).

University of New England eSKILLS UNE
A Web-based information literacy training package for students. The package follows a structure provided by the Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework: Principles, Standards and Practice, 2nd edn. eSKILLS Plus is a similar online package, but is designed to be used by your postgraduate students. Advanced Skills for Researchers are hands-on sessions to match eSKILLS Plus.

University of New South Wales ELISE
Integrated Study Skills Tutorial for commencing students to:
  • understand UNSW study requirements
  • find the best information for your needs
  • evaluate information and resources
  • learn about UNSW Library resources and services
The six modules of the tutorial are listed in the left-hand menu. Students are required to complete a quiz at the end of the tutorial.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Introduction to Library Research Consists of a series of self-paced instructional modules designed to introduce students to important research concepts and to guide them in the use of the UNC Libraries. Nice design, easy to follow, covers research basics (IL) and library orientation.

University of Otago, Dunedin College of Education and Otago Polytechnic Online Information Literacy (OIL)
Information Literacy e-Learning Modules is funded through the Tertiary Education Commission's e-Learning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF). It is a 2-year collaborative project between the University of Otago, Dunedin College of Education and Otago Polytechnic. The project was conceived to address four main areas in the tertiary sector associated with information literacy learning:
  • 1. Barriers to tertiary study which can occur as a result of limited information literacy skills and the diverse needs of marginalised, mature and distance students.
  • 2. A shortage of high quality online information literacy modules which are reuseable, portable and have pedagogical flexibility.
  • 3. A need for professional development opportunities for staff in the area of information literacy.
  • 4. A tertiary sector requirement for centrally maintained and managed, standards conformant online resources in this important foundation field.

University of Pennsylvania - PORT - Penn Online Research Tutorial - nice tutorial. See also Libraries Support for Faculties

University of Rhode Island LIB 120: Introduction to Information Literacy
Online version of a face-to-face credit-bearing course taught asynchronously on WebCT. Undergraduate level. Content is not self-paced.

University of Sydney iResearch: Information skills for life
Quick, fast and easy modules to help you find and use relevant information for your assignments/research - Great animations.

University of Technology Sydney Info Skills Bank

University of Texas Tutorials - Nice topics and content.

University of the West of England "Skillzone" - nice tutorials.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside Information Literacy Tutorial

University of Wollongong StartSmart
Integrated online program which is compulsory for all newly enrolled undergraduates and also recommended for new coursework postgraduate students. This program prepares students to:
  • Be aware ... there’s a world of information sources available from the Library for Uni students
  • Get the essentials ... find items recommended by your lecturer
  • Stand out ... find extra resources to add to your assignment
  • Use information responsibly ... acknowledge ideas and avoid plagiarism
  • Be on your way! ... to becoming an independent learner,

Vanderbilt University Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

Yale University - Some good resources using Libguides - Screencast tutorials. 3rd ranking world university.